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Mug Club

Mug Club

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As part of the Mug Club, you’ll receive a new and different mug (or pair of mugs) once every three months. Its a fun surprise! Mug Club mug designs are different from what we currently offer on our shop and they vary from season to season. Keep your favorite mugs for your own collection or give them as gifts. You'll receive your first mug within 4 weeks of placing your order.

All of our ceramics are dishwasher & microwave safe View full details

Local Pickup

  • Available for pickup at our studio

    Our production studio is located in Hood River, Oregon. We don’t have a storefront. Customers who select local Hood River pickup will receive an email with pickup instructions.

    Though our studio isn’t generally open for browsing, we love to have open studios! Join our mailing list to get notified about upcoming events.

Pricing and subscription info:

The pricing listed above INCLUDES SHIPPING. You can select to receive a single mug each season (every 3 months) or a matching pair of mugs. Since we started the Mug Club, pricing has been on sliding scale, and we intend to keep it that way.

When signing up for the Mug Club, most people select to pay the "regular" price. If you are exited to support a small craft business and have the means, you can select to pay a few dollars more for each mug by choosing the "patron" option. The "student" option offers a slightly discounted rate. We dont ask for validation, this is on the honor system. Thank you!

" I started Wolf Ceramics back in 2015 while I was working on a graduate degree in ceramics and wanted to find a way to pay my tuition without taking student loans. The Mug Club continues to be a vital support in allowing Wolf Ceramics to employ a wonderful team of potters and pay a living wage.” - Sarah Wolf

  • What it's for

    For folks who love their coffee, keep a stash of gifts on hand, or are just starting their ceramics collection.

  • How it's made

    All of our ceramic mugs are designed by Sarah Wolf and hand-thrown by our small team in Hood River, Oregon. Each quarter, we design a new mug just for club members — it's always a fun surprise!

  • Pictured with

    Start a collection! Explore the other useful ceramic objects for your home pictured with the Mug Club.