Production Potter Position

Production Potter Position:


Prior throwing experience

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Strong time management skills and follow through on commitments.

Extreme attention to detail and sensitivity to the subtleties of shape and form.

Experience with repetitive work, such as manufacturing/production, farming, restaurant work, etc. 

Propensity for taking initiative, asking questions, and seeking constructive criticism and feedback.


Production throwing and trimming of items such as mugs, cups, vases, and planters etc.

Weekly production of dinnerware with use of the Jigger Jolly.

Pressing and attaching handles.

Operating the pug mill for clay reclaim.

Loading kilns

Training and occasional participation in all parts of the production process, including waxing and glazing, to develop a deeper understanding of how each step affects others.

Constantly challenging yourself to grow and improve your skills and efficiency.

Details for Production Potter position:

This position is can range from 32-40 hrs per week.

All team members work during core hours, Monday-Thursday from 9-4, with Friday as a flex day, depending on preferred hours.

Pay: $17 - $22 per hour

All team members accrue 1 hr of paid sick/PTO per 40 hr worked, approximately 1 paid week off per year, if working full time, plus unpaid time off upon request.

All team members receive a $100/month health and wellness stipend. This is a no-strings-attached stipend included in each paycheck, for use towards healthcare premiums, massage, bodywork, etc.

All team members are expected to avoid requesting time off during our busiest season, September 1st through December 20th.

We appreciate a 2 year commitment.


When you fill out the application, you'll be prompted to upload 6-10 images of your work (at least 6 images of ceramic work. Simple phone photos are fine)

We would like to see a continuous video of you throwing two cylinders in a row, 1lb each, matching as well as you can. There's a place in the application to upload a video or attach a link to your video.

We're excited to meet you!


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