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Big Daddy Mug

Big Daddy Mug

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The Big Daddy Mug, twice the size of the Wolf Mug! This one's for the folks out there who like a big handle and a whole pot of coffee!


These mugs are about 20 oz, but please note that all of our mugs are hand thrown and exact capacity may vary from mug to mug.

All of our ceramics are dishwasher & microwave safe View full details

Local Pickup

  • Available for pickup at our studio

    Our production studio is located in Hood River, Oregon. We don’t have a storefront. Customers who select local Hood River pickup will receive an email with pickup instructions.

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  • Capacity 20 fl oz

    Width 3.75 in

    Height 5 in

    Exact size may vary piece-by-piece.

Mugs are intimate objects and they have the power to change our daily experiences in small ways.

  • What it's for

    A whole pot of coffee, a vat of soup, and curling up with a good book on a dreary day.

  • How it's made

    Hand-thrown, trimmed, glazed and fired at our small studio in Hood River, Oregon.

  • Pictured with

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