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Kansas City Hummus Bowl - Pair of SECONDS

Kansas City Hummus Bowl - Pair of SECONDS

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This bowl shines as your everyday meal bowl-slash-plate and doubles as a small serving bowl for side dishes and dips.

This is for TWO bowls.

We sell some of our seconds in sets or pairs as a way to reduce the number of smaller boxes that we need to pack and ship. Thank you!

What are seconds, you ask?  Every time we unload a fresh batch of work from the kiln, some pieces have minor flaws such as glaze blemishes or minimal warpage. They're still totally functional and beautiful, they just have more natural imperfections than you might normally see in our full price work. More reminders that they are handmade and one-of-a-kind!

Are seconds right for me? Well, that depends. If you like having handmade variation and imperfections in your ceramics, then yes! If you tend to care more about how well the pieces match each other or if you are bothered by glaze flaws, then we'd recommend buying our full price goods when they are available :) No hard feelings!

Seconds are not refundable or returnable. The types of variation and minor flaws vary from piece to piece.

All of our ceramics are dishwasher & microwave safe View full details

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  • Capacity 28 fl oz

    Width 8 in

    Height 2 in

    Exact size may vary piece-by-piece.

We first started tinkering with this form for Hummus Hang, a fun and inclusive Portland culinary pop-up where they served (as you may have guessed) hummus, alongside other seasonal and local food. We loved its versatility so much, we kept it around as a mainstay.