Our Newest Team Members

Our Newest Team Members

The Studio Welcomes 4 New Artists

In 2023 we had a little shake-up in the studio team and it has turned into a really great opportunity for new ideas and collaborations and explorations here in Hood River.

Gloria and Ian joined us last summer, and we're very late in the game to introduce them to you! Hana and Jacob joined us in 2024 and have just gotten settled in as Sarah steps away for maternity leave.

Not only do I get to continue making ceramics with people I really enjoy spending time with, but I feel confident that as approach my maternity leave at the end of March, the the studio will be in great hands. This team is so in-tune with each other and the processes that we've set up over the years, that you may not even notice that I've stepped away from the wheel. 

Now let's take a long overdue moment to introduce everyone and showcase some of their personal work as well. 

The New Folks


Last summer Gloria made the journey from Portland, Oregon, after completing her studies at Reed College. We're delighted to have her on board, adding her creative flair to our team.
She speaks Russian and has a pet corn snake named Sesame.


Hailing all the way from sunny Orlando, Florida, Ian found Wolf Ceramics just when we were in need of a skilled potter. With his expertise in pottery and painting, Ian brings a wealth of talent to our studio. You can check out some of his incredible work on his personal Instagram. See his work here.
In 2023 he thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail.


Despite braving the transition from sunny California to the rainy Pacific Northwest during winter, Hana has jumped right in with enthusiasm and dedication. 
She loves board games and her current favorite is Code Names.


Joining us in the studio a couple days a week, Jacob preps clay patties for our plates, attaches mug handles, and loads kilns. He helps this place keep running smoothly! 
An avid kayaker - acob landed here in the Gorge in search of whitewater. Most days you can find him on one of the many rivers that flow into the Columbia.

The Old Guard


Our throwing production manager, Skylar has been a potter at Wolf Ceramics since 2022. She and Joey Rose make up our capable leadership team (especially while Sarah is away on maternity leave). See her work here.
She buys all her CDs from eBay.

Joey Rose

Responsible for the glazing and operations of Wolf Ceramics means that Joey Rose touches every piece that goes out into the world. Her attention to detail and love of production keep the wheels here turning, all while bringing a joyful love of craft to the studio. See her work here.
She's actively working on her shoe making skills.


After exploring diverse career paths, Sarah founded Wolf Ceramics in 2016 as a way to spend her time on her most addictive and inspired of hobbies. Her solo studio practice has since grown into a thriving team and she's never looked back.
She's due to have a baby any day now and still has every intention of going backpacking this summer, if she and her hubby can swing it with the wee babe!

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