A Splashy Collaboration

A Splashy Collaboration

We love dreaming up projects with friends — especially when those friends know how to make great cocktails! 😉

This holiday season, we teamed up with Freeland Spirits, a female-founded and run distillery based in our home city of Portland. Taking inspiration from their gorgeous, teardrop shaped gin bottle, we designed a custom ceramic cocktail cup that Freeland is selling on its own and in a holiday cocktail kit, which may just be our go-to holiday gift this year.

Read more to learn about Freeland — and get a light and fizzy cocktail recipe to get you into the holiday spirit.


Why we're excited to partner with Freeland

  • Strong commitment to craft. Freeland doesn't take any shortcuts. We admire their commitment to sourcing fine, fresh ingredients from farms in the Pacific Northwest to make small batch whiskey and gin. You can truly taste the care, quality, and expertise that goes into making every batch of these spirits. They make a great addition to any home bar. 

  • Female founded — and operated. Freeland was founded by Jill Kuehler, an agriculturalist who took the leap into distilling after sharing her dream with a friend over — you guessed it — a glass of whiskey. Today, Freeland is fully female operated — from the gals who grow their grain to the women who run the still. Let's be real: booze is a male-dominated industry. We appreciate Jill's work to bring more women into the fold!


A Holiday Cocktail: The Hood River Splash


2 oz Freeland Gin
.5 oz simple syrup
.5 oz lime juice
2 dashes grapefruit bitters
Muddled thyme & rosemary
splash of sparkling water


Muddle thyme and rosemary in a shaker tin. Add other ingredients with ice. Shake and strain into your Wolf Ceramics mug. Top with ice and a splash of sparkling water. Cheers!

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