Production Technician Position

Production Technician Position:

Our small team is so happy to get to earn a living from making ceramics. This is made possible by the fact that we each have a love of production, respect for our craft and for each other, and a drive to constantly improve our processes and teamwork towards greater productivity and, of course, a happy and healthy team! We are a lighthearted bunch that take our work seriously but also like to maintain a healthy sense of humor.


Experience throwing and trimming on the potter's wheel.

Experience with repetitive, physical work, such as manufacturing/production, farming, restaurant work, etc. 

Experience working with your hands in a way that requires fine motor skills.

Extreme attention to detail and sensitivity to the subtleties of line, shape, and proportions.

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Strong time management skills and follow through on commitments.

Propensity for taking initiative, asking questions, and seeking constructive criticism and feedback.


Waxing bisque ware and applying underglaze designs with both stencils and brush work.

Glaze dipping and touch ups.

Loading kilns.

Pressing and attaching handles.

Operating the pug mill for clay reclaim.

Weekly dinnerware production using the jigger jolly.


Weekly packing of online orders.

Expectations of all team members:

Respect for their craft and for their body (taking good care of our bodies is crucial if we want to keep doing this for a long time!)

Daily cleaning and care for our studio.

Daily production logging.

Receiving clay deliveries.

Willingness to step in an assist in other parts of the process, from loading kilns to receiving shipments and helping pack and ship large orders when it’s crunch time.

Attending occasional open studio events and sales.

Human things:

The most important! All members of the team are expected to:

Use clear and direct communication.

Show supportive care and kindness toward other team members.

Take responsibility for your own work and commitments, with a willingness to take humble ownership of both successes and failures. 

Details for Production Technician Position:

Full time: 32-40 hr/week.

All team members are expected to be present during core hours Monday-Thursday with Friday as a flex day, depending on planned schedule.

Pay:  $18-$20 per hour

All team members accrue 1 hr of paid sick/PTO per 40 hr worked, approximately 1 paid week off per year, if working full time, plus unpaid time off upon request. 

All team members receive $100/month wellness stipend included in each paycheck.

In accordance with Oregon State law, new employees are automatically enrolled in a 401-k savings program and may opt out if they wish. 

All Oregon State employees are entitled to paid medical and family leave as part of Paid Leave of Oregon. We are so happy this program is finally in effect!

All team members are expected to avoid requesting time off during our busiest season, September 1st through December 20th.

This position requires extensive training in the subtleties and intricacies of our process. We ask for a commitment of 2 years.

When you fill out the application, you'll be prompted to upload 6-10 images of your personal work (We'd love to see at least 4 images of ceramic work, but you may also include images of anything creative and that uses you hands. Wood work, drawing, etc)


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